Handy Plumbing Reminders

Deal with Drips. Never leave a dripping tap. The perished washer in your water cistern is only going to fail at some point soon. If you use a wrench on items like taps, cover them with an old rag to stop scratches. Don’t forget to isolate. A Walthamstow Plumber can deal with all plumbing work.

Your Boiler: A regular service carried out on your boiler will make sure that it’s working at its best and most efficient. Safety checks will be carried out to make sure there are no poisonous gases. If you can see the flame in the boiler it should be blue, a yellow flame would indicate a problem. Only have work on your boiler carried out by a registered Plumber. If you have a pressurised system, check the pressure regularly to ensure it is within the manufacturers specified range.

Know Your Valves: Know where your main stopcock is so that it can be switched off in an emergency. Walthamstow Plumbers can advise. Take the time to find out what other valves you have in the house and label them too.
Freezing: Lag or insulate any pipe work that is exposed to freezing conditions. Visually inspect the pipes in the attic and basement if relevant. If you have an outside tap, isolate it when the cold weather arrives.

Waste Outlets and Drains: These need to be checked at regular intervals. Bath and shower drains can block with hair so many drains use a removable filter which can be cleared easily. Should you need to clear a drain, use a plunger rather than chemical solutions. Outside drains can easily block with leaves and moss etc. Fit a leaf guard.

Emergency Plumbing: If you know how to deal with a plumbing emergency you could save a lot of stress and expense. There’s a product called LLFA tape that can seal a split pipe – it might be worth keeping some in your toolbox. But always keep your local plumbers name and number handy.

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