Noisy Pipes

Several noises can come from your pipes. If you hear hammering noises whenever you turn on the water taps, it means the pipes are striking against something.
Banging pipes
Banging pipes refers to the vibrations of the pipes when the faucets are turned on. The problem of banging pipes is quite easy to handle.
Shut off your main water supply valve.
Open the faucets of your house.
When the water is draining, turn off the lowest faucet and open the water valve again.
Air pushes out vertical water lines. Some air remains in chambers, which helps in eliminating water banging.

Noisy Pipes
Pipe noises range from high squeaks to loud hammering sounds. The causes of hammering of pipes may be the logged water, loose pipes, and high water pressure.
Pipes are anchored with different straps. The 8 feet strap is used for horizontal runs while 10 feet strap is used for vertical runs.
If your pipes bang, cushion the pipes and add straps with a rubber blanket.
When you anchor pipes, leave room for expansion.
Avoid using galvanized straps.
Only hot pipes squeak. As the pipe expands, friction creates the squeak.
Solution: Cushion is the solution for squeaking pipes.
Water Hammer
The water hammer occurs when homeowner turns off the water quickly. The water flowing slams to a stop, causing noise.
Check for:
Loose Pipes
Faulty air chambers. Faulty air chambers hold air that cushions the shock when water tap is off.
Water pressure
Anchor the pipes.
To restore chambers, turn off the water supply from the main valve. Open all the taps of the home to drain the system.
For lowering the pressure, install a reducing pressure valve.

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