Unblocking a Sink

An indication of a blocked drain might be a bath’s sink draining slow. This may be caused by an accumulation of grease in the trap, or maybe even hair caught below the grid in the sink or bath’s plugholes. If the water will not drain away at all, then there is usually a complete blockage and this must be an obstruction in the waste pipe somewhere. A Walthamstow Plumber can unblock drains.


To sort a blockage like this, you will need the services of a plunger. To use the plunger, put some water in the sink and push the rubber cup of a sink plunger over the plughole, this will form a seal. Stick a damp cloth in the overflow to stop the loss of pressure. Pump the plunger up and down with lots of force. Take the plunger off after a few goes and see if the water has started to drain away. Keep trying if not. Of course you can try a drain cleaning or unblocking product if the plunger failed to work. Although be aware if mixed with bleach products dangerous gases could be released so always wear eye and hand protection and follow the instructions. Petroleum jelly can be smeared around the rim of the plughole to protect it from damage. If the sink is still blocked, then you will have to remove the waste trap. Firstly, place a bucket under the trap to catch any water. Undo the trap by hand (normally), and then empty the contents into the bucket. Re-fit the trap including all washers or O-rings. Do not to over tighten or it will be difficult to undo at a later stage. If the trap was clear, then you will have to use a drain auger to probe into the waste pipe. Walthamstow Plumbers use drain augers.


The drain auger consists of a flexible rod that can be extended into a waste pipe by rotating its handle. This helps to dislodge any blockage on its way. It can then be rewound into its handle for hygienic storage.

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