Drain Inspection

An important part of a drainage system is the access point or points into it to carry out cleaning, clearing and inspection, however the number and construction of any chambers for your property, if any will pretty much depend on its age. Therefore, here is a short and very basic introduction to the drains and inspection chambers that are located below your home. It is very important that you know all about them as you may at some stage have to deal with a blockage or other kind of issue with them. Walthamstow Plumbers are professionals. All the pipes of the waste system that run underground are known in the world of plumbing as drains, but there are access holes that link the straight runs of underground pipe (or that mark the points were the straight runs will change their direction) and they are known as inspection chambers or manholes. A Walthamstow Plumber can check drains and inspection chambers. The creative and practical thinking behind the design feature is that if you are going to have a blockage in the drains, it is more than likely going to happen at one of the bends or junction points that are located within the drain. When you lift the lid on an inspection chamber, you should see a very nice, clean, straight or ‘Y-shaped’ half channel running across the base of the run. However, if you discover that the channel has become full of solid waste or worse still, the whole manhole is flooded, then, the drain is deemed to be blocked. Now, a blocked drain of this type is considered a very high risk to public health, and there are some councils around that will send out a team to clean the system free of charge, or at least at a minimal cost to you, the homeowner.

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