How to Repair a Toilet Leak

A leaking toilet is one of the many frustrating plumbing problems that most homeowners are eventually going to encounter. Use the following tips to repair your toilet leak.
Step One: Inspect the inlet valve and the float. Have a look at the inside of the cistern to see if the water level is above the overflow tube. If this is the case, there may be a problem associated with the inlet valve on the ballcock or the float. The purpose of a float is to instruct the inlet valve when to stop supplying water. If the float isn’t working, eventually your cistern will overfill. To identify whether you have a problem with your inlet valve, you can flush the toilet and as the water level rises you can lift the rod that holds the float until the water stops. If the water stops, this signifies that your inlet valve is in good working condition.
Step Two: Adjust the float. You can adjust the level of the float with the screw at the top of the ballcock. By adjusting the float you will be able to reduce the level at which the water can get supplied to. However, if adjusting the float still does not resolve the problem of water running into the overflow tube, this signifies a problem with the float. You will most likely need a replacement.
Step Three: If you can see or hear a leak even after you have checked the water level in the cistern, the next possible cause could lie within the flapper. Testing whether the flapper is faulty or not is very simple as all you have to do is turn off the water supply and wait to see whether the water in the cistern decreases or not. If the water level drops significantly, this symbolises that the flapper chain is too tight. To replace a flapper all you must do is turn off the water supply and drain the cistern. Then check to see the condition of the flapper before pulling it loose and replacing it.
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